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Waliszewski Jeliński Law Office, established in 1997, provides a wide range of professional tax and legal services for businesses. Our Law Office renders not only regular day-to-day services to businesses, but also provides tax optimisation solutions and assists in restructuring transactions (disinvestment, merger or division of companies, transformations). We represent Clients in civil and commercial litigations such as debt collection cases and provide day-to-day legal services including, preparing drafts of agreements, verification of existing contracts and preparing analyses and interpretations of regulations currently in force.Our tax practice in turn focuses mainly on preparing practical and optimal solutions for any tax issues that may arise in the course of business activity, including advice on day-to-day business operations, capital transaction advisory services, tax optimisation plans, and tax litigation. We also conduct trainings and workshop on tax and legal issues related to carrying out business activities, in particular regular presentations about legislative changes that may affect businesses. We partner selected auditing and accounting firms that provide comprehensive bookkeeping and financial advisory services. Their professional staff have developed extensive experience with international auditing companies including the so-called Big Four.


What Makes Us Different
Our Law Office stands out by offering comprehensive and integrated tax and legal advice. While working with our Clients we take into consideration both legal and tax aspects of the business case. This creates value and is the most convenient solution for Clients - a "one stop shop" for well considered multi-dimensional tax and legal expert advice. In addition, our consultants assist in resolving all accounting and finance issues relevant to the business case. In this way every assignment is carried out in a complete and comprehensive manner with all its aspects taken into consideration. As a result, our Clients receive effective and reliable "turnkey" solutions to their business problems.


We provide day-to-day tax and legal services to businesses with a focus on international companies. Our Law Office renders three categories of service: